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Hair and Beauty

VTCT Level 1 Certificate in an Introduction to the Hair & Beauty Sector L1

(14 – 19 School Partnership at Leeds City College)

Year 10 Course content

This qualification offers a broad overview of the Hair & Beauty Sector, allowing students to choose areas in which they would like to further develop their skills.

The course covers an introduction to the Hair & Beauty Sector.

Students will cover Hand Therapy, Skin Care, Make up, Styling women’s hair, including hair straightening, plating and twisting, health & safety and salon duties.


  • Enquiry
  • Pair work
  • Group work
  • Decision making
  • Practicals
  • Modeling
  • Research
  • Create
  • Explore
  • Demonstration

Year 11 Course Content:

VTCT Level 1 Diploma in an Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector 14 – 19 School Partnership at Leeds City College

The course will continue to work on aspects of the Hair & Beauty Sector working towards their final project which will incorporate both hair and beauty.

Students will cover Manicures, Pedicures, Presenting a Professional Image in the Salon, Nail Art, Face Painting, Shampooing and Conditioning, Colour Hair using Temporary Colour, Styling Men’s hair


  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Assignment
  • Practical Examination
  • Pair work
  • Independent studies
  • Modeling
  • Demonstration
  • Group work