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Modern Foreign Languages

French, Spanish, Italian and Urdu are currently offered at GCSE in Yrs 10 and 11.

All languages will follow the new specification from September 2018.

Areas of study are:


Theme 1: Identity and Culture

* Relationships with Family and Friends

* Marriage and Partnership

* Social Media and Mobile Technology

* Music, Cinema and TV

* Food and Eating Out

* Sport and Free Time Activities.

* Customs and Festivals in Spanish Speaking Countries.


Theme 2: Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest

* My Home

* My Town and Local Area

* Charity and Volunteer Work

* Healthy/Unhealthy Lifestyles.

* Environmental Problems and Solutions

* Poverty, Homelessness and other Social Issues


Theme 3: Current and Future Study and Employment

* My studies

* Life at School/college

* Education Post-16

* Jobs, Career choices and Ambitions


There are 4 assessments in total, each contributing 25% of the final grade.

Students are tested in 4 skills: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking at the end of year 11.

The speaking exam is made up of a photo-card, a short role play activity and a general conversation and is conducted by the class teacher.

The reading and writing exams also contain elements of translation, both into and out of the target language.

Lessons include a variety of activities including independent, pair and group work. Collaborative learning styles are also used regularly to develop students’ linguistic skills and there is a keen focus on exam skills to ensure students are fully ready to access all of the exams.

Students also have completely FREE and full access to a revision program called VocabExpress to help them learn, revise, develop and improve their language knowledge: