Student Support

Feeling like you need some extra help?

School Councillor

You can talk to our School Councillor Mrs Elwell about anything, she is there to help. Her office is CF13, you can find her at break times to organise a meeting.

Your Form Tutor

You can speak to your Form Tutor during your weekly session about how you’re feeling. They are there to listen and will always try to help where they can. They may ask you to speak to your Year Team.

Year Team

The Year Team are there to support you and make sure you’re doing and feeling your best. If you’re having any issues at school then you can go to them for help. They can get in contact with home if necessary and speak to parents and carers.

Your Teachers

Remember, you can speak to your teachers about classwork, homework, upcoming exams or if you’re feeling stressed. They will always try to help the best they can.

Clubs and Extra-Curricular

There are lots of clubs and extra-curricular activities you can join in. We have sports and subject specific groups that happen at break time and after-school.

The Stephen Lawrence Committee campaign for fairness and equality around the Academy and meet weekly. We also have LGBTQ+ Ambassadors, you can see who they are from the posters around the Academy. They have been trained to talk about LGBTQ+ issues and are happy to chat. You can also speak to Mrs Elwell about the Ambassador programme.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Click here to read about Safeguarding and Child Protection.