Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Co-Op Academy Leeds offers a bespoke, personalised and destination led curriculum which provides specific, tailored courses that meet the needs of its post 16 students. The aim of the post 16 curriculum is to ensure that the Co-Operative values are embedded in everyday life of the 6th Form. We continue to provide life chances to young people and our curriculum also reflects our purpose of providing the learners a second chance they need to succeed in life. All Post 16 learners are of mixed ability, from diverse backgrounds and cultures with varied educational experience and degrees of literacy and numeracy levels.

Our bespoke curriculum aims to provide students with the opportunity to work towards relevant and appropriate qualifications, to the highest possible standard regardless of their starting points. Our tailored and personalised curriculum offer ensures that students develop love of learning, passion for reaching excellence and aspire to do well in life.  Our curriculum is designed to the wide range of needs of International New Arrivals (INAs) so that they follow an appropriate pathway based on what is required for their future and their interests. This pathway ensures that all new arrivals make a positive start of their education based on an individual’s prior attainment and securely focussed on progression routes.

Our one-year curriculum pathway is designed for new to the country students who are new to English with no prior education in the UK. Bespoke and intensive programmes of studies enable these students who enter with weak English skills to make swift progress in their studies.

What we currently offer:

  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • L 1 Business Administration
  • L1 ICT
  • L1 Sport
  • L1 ASDAN

Our 6th Form students are encouraged, guided and prepared to take GCSEs and or A Levels in their heritage languages to boost their self-confidence and to achieve relative qualifications at appropriate levels. These qualifications enable learners to move onto further education or employment.

Our enrichment programme supports learners to gain an understanding of how they can help themselves in this new environment, exploring opportunities within the local community that improve their physical, mental and economic wellbeing.

We don’t hold a formal open day for Post 16, however please contact for further information and to arrange a visit.

Applications for the sixth form can either be made through the Leeds Pathway website for post-16 providers or directly to:

Mr Asif Ali

Head of Sixth Form

Telephone: 0113 380 7940



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