Coronavirus - Update
The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.

House and Year Teams

Things are changing here at Co-op Academy Leeds; we’re rethinking how we do things and making them better.

Year Teams

We understand that the needs of Year 7 are very different to Year 11, and our Year system supports this. Heads of Year and Year Managers are responsible for making sure every student is doing and feeling their best.

Just like our old Guild system, if you have any questions or concerns you should contact their Year Team. And if we need to contact you, it’ll be through the Year Team, simple right?

If you want to get in touch with a Year team then please ring the main school number-0113 380 7940 and use the correct extension number from the table below.

Year 7 Head of Year- Mrs Thura. Year Manager- Mrs Bleasby
Ext: 221
Year 8 Head of Year- Mrs Ratcliffe. Year Manager- Mr Gregor
Ext: 222
Year 9 Head of Year- Mrs Ratcliffe. Year Manager- Miss Donkin
Ext: 223
Year 10 Head of Year- Miss Riches. Year Manager- Ms Donkin
Ext: 224
Year 11 Head of Year- Mr Sheriff. Year Manager- Miss Wheatley
Ext: 225

House Teams

When you start at our Academy you will be put into one of five Houses: Nelson Mandela, William Shakespeare, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks or Stephen Hawking.

Each has their own House Leader and colour. The names were chosen by staff and students to represent inspirational people who embody our values.

House Name House Leader
Rosa Parks Miss Young
William Shakespeare Miss Beanland
Stephen Hawking Miss Munday
Marie Curie Mrs Shaw
Nelson Mandela Mr Sowerby

If you have any questions or don’t quite understand the new changes then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk it through.

Tutor Time

From the start of Year 7,  every student is put into a Tutor group. This is a group of around 18 students and a staff tutor, to allow everyone to get personalised support and develop friendships. There is a Tutor Time every week where staff check up on progress, wellbeing and discuss different Tutor time activities.

Your Form Tutor is the first person you should go to for support, they are there to make sure you are always doing and feeling your best. No problem is too big or small, they are there to help.