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Year 11 Zufar gave Bankside Primary a motivational talk

Year 11 Zufar gave Bankside Primary a motivational talk

Last week Year 11 Zufar visited his old primary school, Bankside Primary to give pupils a little bit of motivation.

His talk was about ‘putting down strong roots for success’ and he shared his own story of improving his attendance, grade and attitude. We asked Zufar why he wanted to speak about his experience…

“Why? Success starts with helping others. In my educational career- right from the beginning, I discovered that it is challenging to believe that my limits were endless.

Unfortunately, this had taken me years to uncover. Eventually, I witnessed my possibilities flourish, whilst I was building character. It was merely Year 10 & 11- when I was applauded for my excellence and admired for my effort. This inspired me to inspire the next generations deprived students.

This was a broad leap and I was determined to extract the potential from the children; assembling a mind set to believe in themselves giving endless possibilities that will occur- educating them to put down “Strong roots for success” and no better place to do it, than the foundation of my educational career. Giving back to the community and #BeingTheBanksideBest”- Zufar, Year 11

We’re very proud of Zufar for showing such confidence and conviction in his words. Well done!