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Year 11 Zufar gave Bankside Primary a motivational talk

Last week Year 11 Zufar visited his old primary school, Bankside Primary to give pupils a little bit of motivation. His talk was about ‘putting down strong roots for success’…

Year 11

Winter Formal

Yesterday we held our first ever Winter Formal, where Year 11 students with 95% or above attendance were invited to attend. It was a a fun evening filled with dancing,…

Year 11

Creating Pop-Art with Leeds Arts University

What does a cat, a flip-flop and a bottle of perfume have in common? They are all things our students saw their way to school. Pop art is a style…

Year 11

Year 11s receive a ‘Special Commendation’ from the Archbishop of York

As part of their work with the Archbishop of York Youth Trust Award, Year 11s Zina and Sabrina received a personal letter from Rev. John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York…

Year 11

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

This year, for the second time, our students were invited to Northern Powerhouse Briefings and Inclusive Employers International Women’s Day celebration at Park Plaza in Leeds. Mr Mitchell was also asked…

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