We are consulting on our admissions policy for September 2023 – click here for more information or to have your say

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To apply, you should:

  1. Download the Admission Form or pick one up from our reception
  2. Bring the completed Admission Form and any supporting documents to main reception
  3. This will be checked and given to the Principal who will make a decision within 14 days
  4. The decision will be sent to Leeds City Council
  5. Leeds City Council Admission Team will contact you

  • We serve our local community, so we have no special selection criteria
  • We admit 180 students into Year 7
  • Our governors can decide to admit more that 180 pupils (if there is high demand in the local area and space in the academy – this is called a bulge group)

As part of the Co-op Academies Trust, we have close links with a number of the primary schools in the Trust. This makes the transition between year 6 and year 7 as smooth as possible. 


If you have any questions, please contact our reception on 0113 380 7940.

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If we get more applications than we have places, then all applications will be considered in line with our admissions policy. To appeal please contact the Leeds Admissions Team.


Admissions and Appeals Policy

Find out more about our admissions.

Admissions Policy

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