Start of Term/Masks Update

Tuesday 4 January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy New Year and welcome back to the spring term; we hope all of you have had a lovely, restful break with your friends and families. It was wonderful to welcome Year 11 students back to school today. Please be reminded that other year groups should return to school as follows:

  • Year 9: return to school at 8.25am on Wednesday 5 January
  • Year 10: return to school at 11.00am on Wednesday 5 January
  • Year 7: return to school at 8.25am on Thursday 6 January
  • Year 8: return to school at 11.00am on Thursday 6 January

As you may have seen in the news, it is recommended that all school children in secondary schools now wear masks in classrooms, as well as in communal spaces. Given this, it is really important that your child (unless exempt) attends school with a mask each day (as well as a spare). This is being reviewed on 26th January. 

In addition to masks, it is also really important that your child attends each day in full school uniform and with all of their equipment as this will allow them to make the most productive start to their school day. This includes: a school bag, planner, pencil case with – pen, pencil, ruler and a red pen (these were provided to all students in September and can be obtained from tutors or Progress Leaders at the start of the day if students do not have them).

Please be advised that all students must wear a blazer and that only plain black v-necked jumpers may be worn underneath blazers inside the building. All shoes should be plain black – boots and trainers are not permitted. 

Finally, I would like to welcome Mrs Jessica Field to her new position as Vice Principal here at the academy. I am confident that she will do a fantastic job leading our curriculum to ensure the highest quality of education for the students within our community.

Yours sincerely,

Miss N Jones

Head of School