Food Vouchers | 13th January

£15 Co-op Voucher for students registered for Free School Meals 

Our sponsor, Co-op, has provided £15 vouchers for those students registered for Free School Meals to support during the national lockdown for the first 2 weeks until the local offer is announced. 

This offer is a one-off gesture by our sponsor and vouchers will not be topped up as they previously were during the first national lockdown. You will be receiving a back-dated card this week. You can find your local store here.

Important notes:

  • These vouchers cannot be used to buy tobacco, alcohol and baby milk. Stores have been informed that they are only to be used for groceries
  • You should take your card to the till to be processed. Cards should be swiped and not scanned
  • Don’t store your cards in mobile phone cases, this can damage the magnetic strip of the card 
  • Lost vouchers will not be replaced, any remaining balance will be lost 
  • They will not be topped up weekly, it is a one off payment to support during the half term break, 
  • Co-op has the right to withdraw this scheme at any time at their discretion, again if this was to happen, any funds remaining would not be refunded

If there are any issues with your card, the store colleagues do not have the technology to check or fix any issues, please contact the academy