House System

House System

When students join our school, they join a House. The names and colours of our Houses were chosen by our students:

              Nelson Mandela

             William Shakespeare

             Marie Curie

             Rosa Parks

             Stephen Hawking

Each key stage elects a House Captain to represent their House. They lead assemblies, help organise events/competitions and speak on behalf of our student voice. It’s important that students have ownership of the events that we run throughout the year.

House Captains are excellent role models for both the House and our academy.


House Rewards and Competitions

Subject tokens: The House system is linked with our reward system. We know every student can excel in a particular area or subject and so every subject has a special activity during the year. Students who participate can earn up to 50 points for their House!

Stamp system:

Students can earn stamps in every lesson for meeting basic expectations:

  • Punctuality to the lesson
  • Fully-equipped for the lesson
  • Good behaviour and engagement in the lesson
  • Completing homework

Students can also be awarded a special additional stamp for:

  • Being resilient
  • Asking quality questions
  • Working well with others or independently
  • Producing an outstanding piece of work

Subject stamp=1 point | Attendance stamp= 5 points | ALT stamp=10 points | Subject leader stamp=5 points

Termly House Events

There are major House events each half term which tie in with key themes on the school calendar. Examples include Sports Day, drop down House days, charity fundraising days, Christmas enterprise day.

Points and prizes are awarded for participation and achievement. Students can win rewards for their house, such as pizza party days, karaoke or even extended breaks!

Ways of Being Postcards

Each member of staff awards a student with a Ways of Being postcard when they see that a student is acting in a manner that promotes our Co-op values. This will earn their House 30 points.

House Cup

The House Cup is awarded to the house who achieves the most points by the end of the year. Throughout the year, the points are tallied up and displayed around school to help promote competition while encouraging participation and a sense of House identity and pride.